Big updates to IBM storage virtualization products

It’s been a little over a year since I joined IBM to use my background in server virtualization to work on an unannounced IBM storage product.  The product was the Storwize V7000, and since that time it has seen regular major updates in functionality and application integration (VMware VAAI for example).  Today IBM has made another major announcement to the Storwize V7000 in the form of new 6.3 software code and also a new product offering.

IBM Storwize V7000 Unified

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Simply put the Storwize V7000 Unified takes IBM System X servers running a common IBM NAS software stack, and integrates them with a Storwize V7000 storage system.  A lot of work has been put into making this a true integrated system.  Management of both block and file storage is executed from a single web interface which has been built in the same vein as the standard Storwize V7000 GUI.  Expect a lot more news on this product to begin trickling out.

Storwize V7000/SAN Volume Controller 6.3 code update

The highlights for the 6.3 code update are:

  • Extended distance stretched cluster configurations – up to 300km!  I did a series on SVC stretched cluster and VMware data mobility/disaster recovery.  At the time of that post the maximum supported distance for SVC was 10km.  SVC was able to work at that distance with no code changes, it was just a different deployment decision (nodes in the same rack or racks 10km apart).  Feedback received was that 10km was not enough distance for a lot of customers.  After some code changes, and a lot of testing, SVC is now supported to be stretched between datacenters up to 300km.
  • Global mirror replication which uses FlashCopy volumes as remote copy sources – This adds more flexibility in Global Mirror configurations.  Lower bandwidth links can be used if the RPO is more flexible.  Replication (Global and Metro Mirror) between SVC and V7000 is now supported.
  • Some virtualized storage systems (by SVC and V7000) will now utilize round-robin load balancing –  This brings performance and availability improvements.
  • Real-time performance stats within the GUI have been updated – The real-time performance stats will have the ability to display more detailed information that previously available.
  • Native LDAP support
  • Enhanced storage interop – XIV Gen3, HP 3PAR, Violin Flash Memory Systems, new Fujistu Eternus, Bull StoreWay and TMS RAMSAN versions.

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