Downloading VMware Site Recovery Manager SRA for Storwize V7000

I sometimes forget that everyone may not be completely educated on a product and therefore I overlook some basic and valuable information to communicate.

Case in point…I had a question come up today regarding the VMware SRM SRA for Storwize V7000.  As I covered in my last post, the SRA (Storage Replication Adapter) provides a means for VMware SRM to communicate to the storage array.  The question I received was “How do I download the SRA for Storwize V7000”.

When you browse the VMware SRM support document the Storwize V7000 is listed out as a supported storage system for VMware SRM in its own section (

However when you access the SRM download page (where SRAs are also downloaded), Storwize V7000 is not listed out.  The Storwize V7000 and SAN Volume Controller utilize the same code stack, therefore the storage integrations that IBM and VMware provide work for both products.  In this case the download page only lists the SAN Volume Controller and not Storwize V7000.  But that SRA works for both SVC and Storwize V7000.



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6 Responses to Downloading VMware Site Recovery Manager SRA for Storwize V7000

  1. David says:


    Something to be aware of with the v7000 and SRM – Slightly annoying..


    • rburbridge says:

      I ran into this issue a few weeks ago in my lab. The CIMOM was updated in 6.3 code (don’t have the specifics for what changed) and in the process it broke the SRA. I’ve spoken to the team and work is underway for correcting the issue. My expectation is SRM 4.0 will be prioritized for 6.3, followed by SRM 5.0.

  2. Peter says:

    In January we received our new v7000 SAN (shipped with v6.3) and discovered it does not fit in our SRM 5 environment. We currently have no site protection.
    I saw your last post was from 2nd february, do you already have an update on the support for SRM 5?


    • rburbridge says:

      Hi Peter,
      Last time I checked, updates on the SRA were not yet completed. I would encourage you to reach out to your IBM Sales/FTSS reps. They can submit an internal request for support (SCORE). It won’t make SRA get updated any faster but when the SRA is completed they should be notified versus waiting for the website to be updated.

  3. Martin Alt says:

    are there specific switches that are needed between to sites to allow the V7000/SVC’s to communicate? I’m looking to implement but have not done formal FCoIP testing to production in over 3yrs. We had two 7500 switches in both locations to test with a few years ago, but did not put the process into production. Any helpful assistance would be appreciative.

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