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How to reclaim thin provisioned space on IBM FlashSystem V840

It seems that the ability to reclaim deleted VMware space on thin provisioned LUNs is a topic that has been discussed for a long time, and in fact it has since it was introduced in vSphere 5.0.  This VMware link includes … Continue reading

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Document availability – IBM FlashSystem and VMware configuration guide

The IBM FlashSystem Solution Engineering team has recently published a document which should be useful for those deploying VMware vSphere on IBM FlashSystem products.  The IBM FlashSystem and VMware vSphere configuration guide can be downloaded here. The document was inspired … Continue reading

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Flash this blog forward

This blog was always intended to be a hobby to share information related to my profession which I find interesting.  As most hobbies go when time is limited, this blog has fallen by the wayside over the past year.  Unfortunately … Continue reading

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Warning – SVC Stretched Cluster with vSphere 5.5

A new feature was introduced in vSphere 5.5 called Permanent Device Loss (PDL) AutoRemoval.  This KB outlines the feature, what it does and why.  The basic idea behind it is to auto remove devices from an ESXi host when the … Continue reading

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Need a storage solution for 120,000 Exchange 2013 users? Read on…

The phrase “we need storage for 120,000 Exchange 2013 users” most likely causes most storage administrators to shudder, in some cases faint, and in extreme cases run away.  To be fair, Microsoft has made significant steps in reducing the storage … Continue reading

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Benefits of Atomic Test and Set (ATS) with IBM Storwize family

As the regular author of this blog I wanted to provide a short introduction for a guest contributor   Over the past few months I have been transitioning to new challenges so my day to day work on VMware and IBM storage … Continue reading

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Using Microsoft Windows Server 2012 thin provisioning space reclamation on IBM XIV

Earlier last month the IBM XIV 11.2 microcode was announced.  One of the features for this code is support for the T10 SCSI UNMAP standard.  The benefit of SCSI UNMAP is that it solves a problem commonly associated with thin … Continue reading

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